Preliminary Conference Program - Tuesday

Day Two
Breakfast at your leisure
8:30 a.m.The Metrics of Success Let's talk numbers…

So, I’m guessing when you started your franchise, it wasn’t because your specialty is Numbers, Accounting, or Finance…

And, I am also guessing that you went into business for yourself you were hoping to earn a living and at the same time, to enjoy what you do!

In this session, I will introduce you to the importance of monitoring your financial performance and will introduce some financial tools to consistently use in your business to achieve higher levels of profitability and to improve your “Financial Fitness”!

I promise, the information will be easy to understand, enjoyable to learn and I may even make you laugh once or twice. No financial expertise is necessary!
Lisa Haefetz
LMH Advisory Services
9:30 a.m.Break
9:45 a.m.The Power of Partnerships:  1 + 1 = 3
How leveraging relationships can take you further in business and in life! Stewart Vernon
American Swimming Pools
10:45 a.m.Break
11:00 a.m.FISH! Workshop IIt all started in Seattle! The FISH! Philosophy drives passion and engagement at work. Organizations worldwide use the FISH! Philosophy to improve teamwork, customer service, employee engagement. Discover how we plan to add a new type of "Fish" to British Swim School in 2018 and use it to strengthen our unique customer experience further.“speaker Paul Anderson, Susan Berger & Steven Waterhouse
12.15 p.m.Lunch
1:30 p.m.FISH! Workshop IIFish Part 2“speaker
3:00 p.m.Colors Workshop

Colors promises you a fun, interactive method for understanding personality styles, strengths, and imperfections; and therefore improving your communication skills, enhancing teamwork, and creating better understanding in every relationship. Most importantly the one you have with yourself and how your personality affects and impacts the rest of the world; whether personally or in your career.

"The best leaders are readers of people" - John Maxwell.

Colors starts with you! Becoming aware of how you relate to your world, and how the world relates or doesn't, to you, is an important resource in creating an organization of people who are engaged, encouraged, and motivated in both their personal and work lives, becoming more apt to engage in the mission of that organization. Implementing this tool into the culture and vocabulary of any relationship, group, or business, creates an environment of understanding and empathy; leading to less stress, increased teamwork, higher morale, and as a result; increased productivity.

This fast paced workshop will keep you on your toes as buttons are pushed, and "a ha moments" abound!

Sharon Rennecke
Dare to Shine
5.:30 p.m.Conclusions and the reveal on next year’s conference
6:00 p.m.Free Time
6:45 p.m.Fun and our 2017 National Awards Gala Dinner Assemble in "Trace" and get ready for a very special evening when BSS really goes deep!