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When Jackrabbit sprang to life almost 10 years ago, They were the first in the industry.

Today, Jackrabbit serves over 11,000 schools in all 50 states and 20 countries. There are other choices for class management software, but they like to think they're still the best.

Since the beginning, Jackrabbit has always focused on our users, helped them grow their businesses, and listened to their input. Jackrabbit has the largest support team in the industry. You can get help by phone or email and they rightfully take pride in their response time to users. All these years later, they still care.

Guided by Mark’s insight and experience as a former gym owner, they aim to transform schools and help them grow and flourish. This bunny appeared with a purpose, and it’s been magical ever since.
GOLD SponsorFormed in 2006, solely focused on building brand unity and success by helping national brands and their franchises get found locally.

Qiigo wants you to get found first online
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At Qiigo, we help you discover the key to make things go for your business
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SponsorMaking it easier for customers to connect with the school

The British Swim School app provides an easy way for new and current customers to connect with the school while on the move. The app offers full details on classes, enables parents to sign up for special events and provides easy accessibility to the school’s helpful office staff. In 2018 there will be much more to come and MI will be helping us ensure BSS can offer the best combination of Tech and Tenderness.
SponsorAny growing brand will face a time when it lacks the resources or manpower to run processes with consistency.

Naranga  knows how difficult it is to successfully manage and grow a multi-location franchise business. They've been in our shoes, and have applied that  experience to create a software platform that will scale and flex with our needs.
SponsorProviding insurance programs for the Nations leading swim schools and member organizations for more than 35 years, Risk Management Services understands the unique insurance needs and requirements of organized swim lesson programs and initiates insurance programs to meet those needs. Purchasing liability insurance through one of the RMS programs is the most reliable way to make sure your swim lesson program has the coverage it needs for life’s unexpected events.
SponsorUniServ is a full-service promotional marketing agency. We outfit businesses and franchisees with custom branded apparel, uniforms, promotional products, and provide cutting-edge affordable creative services such as website development, graphic design, plus detailed embroidery, printed materials, and screen printing fabrication.

We are a state-of-the art family-run business operating and sourcing on a global scale, assuring clients of unrivaled price-points the world market has to offer, with a compelling catalogue of the finest quality uniforms, apparel, and memorable promotional items, all to the highest standards.